December 13, 2013

Tips to Bring Customers Back: Product Review Messages

by Kestrel Lemen, Marketing Strategist at Bronto Europe

At this point I've discussed some very valuable post purchase messages that I feel are essential for driving more revenue and standing out to your customers. You have seen bounce back messages, informational message, and refer a friend messages. What could be your next message in your post purchase series? View below to find out!

Your customer has made a purchase and has even had a chance to use the item. Guess what, they love it! How could you take that postive feedback and use it to help prospects to convert? Set up a review message and allow your own audience to help you sell your products. Wanta know more? Get my quick tips in the video below.  

Kestrel Lemen Video on Product Review Messages

Ok folks that is a quick rundown of what a review message is and how it can be helpful to you! Would you implement a message like this? Why or why not? Please feel free to write in any questions or comments below.

Kestrel Lemen
Marketing Strategist at Bronto Europe

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Kestrel Lemen, Marketing Strategist at Bronto Europe

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